2018 (Thailand) I believe the tour was a great experience and a real eye opener into history.  (Grandson of an ex-POW).


2018 (Thailand) Before this tour I had a vague understanding of what my father had endured as a POW on the Death Railway.  After Andrew's tour & his comprehensive knowledge of the forces who worked on the Railway, I am now much better informed on the subject.  Apart from such sombre topics, alot of fun was had seeing and doing other things, such as the Cooking School.  Overall a fantastic trip.  (Daughter of an ex-POW).


2018 (Thailand) I would highly recommendd this tour to anyone who has an interest in the Thai-Burma Railway and even to those who dont!  The service is amazing.  Andrew's depth of knowledge on the area is unsurpassed.  He, and his partner Chalie, go out of their way to ensure individual needs and interests are met.  (Daughter on an ex-POW).


2018 (Thailand) The history of the Death Railway is deeply moving, and is best appreciated when one is in the midst of Hellfire Pass or crossing the Bridge Over the River Kwai, truly profound.  Karen from New York USA.  


2018 (Thailand) -Andrew & Charlie, thank you for the most wonderful trip.  I loved every minute of it. Andrew, your knowledge and passion for honouring the men who served the Railway is incredible. Thank-you for taking me to the places where dad workd as a POW, it meant so much.  We also had alot of fun along the way.  I can't recommend this trip highly enough.  Just fabulous.  (Daughter of an ex-POW).  


2017 April (Thailand) - Doctor Neil McLean Testimonial


2017 April - (Thailand) - A comprehensive trip to the Thai-Burma Railway between Ban Pong and Hellfire Pass - well organised, well-researched and time for reflection on the ordeals of those who worked on the Death Railway.  Thank-you Andrew, Charlie, Mr Samai and the driver who returned us to Bangkok; all very obliging and happy to go out of their way to cater for individual requests.  Highly recommend this tour.  (Ken & Lesley - son of an ex-POW).


2016 Nov - (Thailand) - The trip was a good balance of culture and history.  What our troops went through was incredible.  There is a lot we have gained from actually seeing and feeling their stories.  They are all now safe in our hearts.  The Thai people are so friendly and respectful.  Thank you to Andrew and Charlie. 


2016 Nov - (Thailand) - Andrew's knowledge of the Death Railway was something in itself.  The amound he provided us with at each location you would not be able to find anywhere else.  It was a once in a life-time experience.  (Leesa).


2016 Nov - (Thailand) Natalie and I thoroughly enjoyed the history & war time knowledge supplied by Andrew; was a real eye-opener and loved every bit of it.  (Luke and Nat)


2016 April - (Burma) A well organised tour, at times under difficult circumstances eg permits, weather.  Visiting the area where my Dad was a POW was at times overwhelming, but has fulfilled a life long dream to pay my respects to the POWS who worked on the Death Railway. Many thanks to Andrew for making the trip possible.  I highly recommend this tour to see areas of Myanmar few westerners have visited, under Andrew's guidance and extensive knowledge you will not be dissapointed.  (Julie)


2016 April - (Thailand) As an ExPOWs daughter I have always wanted to visit the Railway.  Thankfully I found Andrew, his knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed.  The unexpected extras such as giving me the opportunity to visit 4th Anti-Tank POWs at Kanchanaburi Cemetery.  A perfect combination of cultural and historical experiences.  Everything is extremely well organised, Andrew makes it look easy.  I highly recommend this tour even if you are only slightly interested in the Thai-Burma Railway.   (Julie)


2016 April - (Thailand) The tour was fun, enjoyable and educational.  Good company, great guides: Charlie and Jack.  Mr Sami an excellent driver, so skillful and talented in Bangkok traffic.  I have learnt so much in regard to the Death Railway and Im eager to build on this knowledge with extra reading.  (Scott - NSW Policeman)


2016 April - (Thailand) Fantastic trip - for all those interest in history as well as the cultural side. Highly recommended this trip to anyone coming to Thailand and wishing to see the Thai-Burma Railway.  Excellent guides whom were very informative - also had so much fun. (Gina).


2015 - (Thailand) Death Railway Tours provided a great mix of history of what happened during WW11 and Thai Culture.  I had a great time and will tell all my friends.  (Scott - Traffic Manager).


2015 - (Thailand) Good Trip - Got to see something I've never seen before.  Brad (Railway Enthusiast).


2014 - (Thailand) It happened to Us – Children of Bob Beaumont Ex-POW


Dear Andrew,  We thank-you sincerely for making our trip to the Burma-Thai Railway so memorable and meaningful to us.  Your incredible knowledge of these terrible times filled in a lot of gaps in our knowledge. 


Your thoughtful & thorough preparation are very much appreciated as was your true Aussie sense of humour and fun.   We highly recommend your services to anyone wish to visit the Death Railway.  May you continue to do the tour and Lest We Forget.


Neil and Susan Beaumont & John and Heather Tadich