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The Death Railway also known as the Burma Railway etc was a 415km railway that linked the Imperial Japanese Army from Thailand to Burma to support their military supply link.  Take Burma and the Japanese had a foothold into India.  Decades before the WW2 railway the British said it could not be done due to the hardships of the jungle, the mountains and sheer wrath of mother-nature.


From June 1942 to October 1943 and during one of the worst monsoons of 1943, the Death Railway was completed.  Thousands of Allied soldiers lost their lives together with the many thousands of ‘coolie’ labourers. Those prisoners toiled under extreme conditions both from the weather and from guard brutality, where they perished in their thousands from malnutrition, disease, starvation, overwork and murder.


We will visit Kanchanaburi & Chungkai war cemeteries and visit many graves (with stories) of some of the lads buried there.


We visit the largest cutting known as Hellfire Pass.  We will see where one digger escaped back to camp and where others were pushed to their deaths.  One of the lads we visit in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery was murdered right there in Hellfire Pass, we pause to remember that soldier, son and brother.  We will see the tribute to the medical staff on the railway and acknowledge the supreme effort required to blast, drill and slave 24/7 on this mountain of rock in the jungle far from home.


We will walk the 2.5 kms from Hellfire Pass, through the former Trestle Bridge sites, 7m Embankment, Three Tier Bridge (where ‘Billy the Bastard’ worked), Hammer and Tap to Hintok Cutting. 


We will see an overview of the Death Railway that will last a lifetime and pay respects to those men who toiled and never came home.  Please view our itinearies for a balanced holiday with an emphasis on remembering the men of the Death Railway.    



A sunset at the Floating Restaurant

Hellfire Pass

Non Pladuk Station

Wampho Viaduct

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